About Us Present Company, the latest and maybe finest creation by Houston bar and restaurant veteran Shawn Bermudez (Boondocks, Stones Throw, Pistoleros, The Burger Joint) is now open! Named for the spirit of being present with your friends, the old Royal Oak location has been transformed into a vibrant post-modern masterpiece of neon signs, lush garden walls, towering palm trees and a kitschy tropical vibe sure to make any Palm Springs ex-pat feel at home. Attention to detail is a focus here, with every corner of this 4700 square foot space offering an Instagram moment. Come by for the Happy Hour or Late Night specials and enjoy your company tonight!
Matching the outrageous tropical décor and vibe of the space is the unique cocktail menu which explodes with color and humor. From the Stranger Danger, a watermelon vodka masterpiece served in a slim LaCroix Sparkling Water can, to frozen delights like the Once Bitten, the cocktails have been designed to keep the conversations going! There’s also a sizeable beer and wine list including over 15 bottles under $40 and unique beers including Montucky Cold Snack cans for just $3 a pop!